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Born on 1st February 1890, Trude Geiringer (née Neumann) became an amateur photographer after graduating from the Schwarzwaldschule. She married in 1912 and, now financially independent, began working with the professional photographer Dora Horovitz (1897-1978) between 1925 and 1934. Geiringer’s pictures of celebrities were often published in Die Bühne and Moderne Welt and the studio was represented at the Viennese version of Film und Foto in 1930. In 1938, Trude Geiringer fled with her family to the USA via London, where she began working at the Apeda studio in New York and eventually opened her own Trude Geiringer Studio. After World War II, she only took private photographs, remaining in the USA for the rest of her life.



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