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Janet Jevons was a photographic partnership between Ruby Caroline ‘Pegs’ Jevons (1894-1974) and Emilie Janet Tyrell (1887-1972) who worked together in various London studios from 1921-1949. Their first published and credited photograph appeared on 6th December 1921 in the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News. They operated their first studio at 66 Piccadilly from 1921-1925 before moving to New Bond Street, London. 


Jevons was born on 24th May 1894 and baptised in Tottenham. She had begun her career in photography working as a secretary (nicknamed ‘Pegs’) in the studio of Dorothy Wilding (1893-1976), which was the leading woman-run studio in London in the 1920s and 1930s before Wilding opened a second studio in New York in 1937. In 1932, she married Captain ‘Bunny’ Edmund Harry Tattersall (1897-1968); a sportsman and journalist on the Daily Sketch.


Tyrell was born in Nantwich, Cheshire on 17th April 1887 to shopkeepers John and Sarah Aston. Emilie was one of six sisters. In 1920, she married Frederick George Tyrell (1883-1954) at St Mary’s Church, Fulham and the couple lived at 17 Matheson Road. In 1939, Tyrell collaborated with her husband as a Court Photographer at a studio on 65 Westmorland Road. Emilie Janet Tyrell died in Barnstable in 1972. 

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