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Hanni Schwarz was a German portrait photographer, who was active in Berlin from 1901 onwards. Before turning to photography, Schwarz worked as a teacher at her father’s school in Basel. Around 1904, together with fellow photographer Anna Walter, she took over the photography studio of Johannes Hülsen in Berlin. In 1909, Schwarz opened another studio with Marie Luise Schmidt in Dorotheenstraße, which was listed as the Atelier Hanni Schwarz from 1919 onwards. The studio specialised in portraiture and dance photography. Schwarz’s photography was frequently published in several popular magazines, such as Die Schönheit and Sport im Bild. Ross-Verlag in Berlin, Europe’s premiere publishing in the 1920s and 1930s, also printed numerous portraits taken by her of famous actors, such as the Russian film actor Vladimir Gajdarov (1917-1968), Hungarian film actor Imre Ráday (1905-1983) and Dutch actress Truus van Aalten (1910-1999).

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