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Born in Vienna on 22nd November 1898, Edith Glogau studied at the Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt from 1913 to 1917 before gaining experience at the studios of Madame d’Ora (1881-1969) in Vienna and Paris. She opened her own studio at Singerstrasse 8, Vienna in 1925, through which she became one of the most prestigious portrait and fashion photographers of the First Republic. Over the course of her career, she photographed several notable actresses such as Leopoldine Konstantin (1886-1965), Maria Minzenti (1898-1973) and Frauke Lauterbach (1913-2004). In 1929, she married press photographer Hans Strenitz (1894-1965) with whom she opened a second successful studio named Strenitz-Kalmar. After working in the photography studios of Bachrach Inc. (Newton, Massachusetts) and Harris & Ewing (Washington D.C.) Edith Glogau opened her own studio – Glogau Photographers – at 1803 Connecticut Avenue in North Washington. She would remain in Washington until she died on 29th September 1970.

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