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(née Sternfeld, 1898-1933)

Aenne Biermann was a German photographer, who was one of the major proponents of the New Objectivity movement. A self-taught photographer, Biermann’s first two subjects were her children; Helga (b. 1921) and Gershon (b. 1923). Biermann’s work became internationally recognised in the late 1920s when it was featured in every major exhibition of German photography at renowned institutions, such as the Deutscher Werkbund, Munich Kunstkabinett, and the Folkwang Museum. Her work was also featured in the notorious Das Lichtbild exhibition held in Munich in 1930, as well as at an exhibition at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels, in 1931. She died of liver disease on 14th January 1933. However, her legacy continues; since 1992, the Museum of Gera has held the Aenne Biermann Prize for Contemporary German Photography.

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